Guest Speakers

Fall Revival 2017 

Brother Benny Beckum came and delivered several Holy Ghost filled sermons.  He was joined by his lovely wife Janice.  Janice can be heard singing on the recordings.  She did a beautiful job and we were blessed that she could be with us.

7 Conditions to a Life of Prayer 10-29-17

Summer Revival 2017

May 21, 2017 Sunday AM

May 21, 2017 Sunday PM

May 22, 2017 Monday PM

May 23, 2017 Tuesday PM

May 24, 2017 Wednesday PM

Winter Revival 2017

The Magnificent Message~Evangelist Bobby McGilliard-Sunday AM

It’s Getting Gloriously Dark~Evangelist Bobby McGilliard Sunday PM

The Will Of God For Your Life~Evangelist Bobby McGilliard-Monday PM

What You Owe Your Church~Evangelist Bobby McGilliard-Tuesday PM

The Great Commision~Evangelist Bobby McGilliard- Wednesday PM

Charity~Evangelist Bobby McGilliard- Thursday PM

I’m Going Through~Evangelist Bobby McGilliard-Friday PM

Missionaries & Evangelists

John 12~Brother Sheldon Chapman

Matthew Rose

Missionary Mike Bailey

Follow Me~Missionary Samuel Owens Sunday AM 

The Will Of God~Missionary Samuel Owens Sunday PM

“Ministering The Gospel Of God”~Missionary Michael Hinson February 2017

What It Takes To Have Revival~Missionary

Two Wills & Two Ways~Evangelist Doug Quick

Hell~Evangelist Doug Quick

Rejoice~Evangelist Doug Quick

Paul’s Salvation~Brother Chapman

Summer Revival 2016